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Municipal Services & Bylaws


A water meter deposit of $125.00 must be paid before you will be connected to the Town’s water system. The deposit is returned when a disconnect request has been received if all accounts are paid in full.

Basic residential monthly water charge is $63.00, sewer $34.00. Water meters are read every three months. Overage is charged on the amounts over the basic 3000 gallons per month. Accounts are due within 30 days. There is a $50.00 reconnect fee for reinstatement of service due to disconnection for delinquent accounts.

  • Payments may be made at the Town Office, by mail or in the office mail slot (No cash please in the mail slot). Cash or cheques accepted only, no debit or credit cards.
  • The Town of Lashburn will now be accepting e-transfer payments. Payments must be sent to townoflashburn@sasktel.netThere will not be the option for a security question as the payment will be automatically deposited in the Town’s account.

    In the message field you must indicate what the payment is for and the appropriate account, roll or invoice number.

  • Internet Banking for most banks is available

(NOT Royal Bank ATB and TD Bank).


Arrangements for connecting water and sewer lines to the Town’s service are handled through the Town Office.  All water service connections from the curb service to the water meter are the owner’s responsibility.  If your contractor supplies the shut off valve, it must be stainless steel.  A water meter is provided and it is the customer’s responsibility to have the meter installed.  All meters remain the property of the Town.


Garbage collection is provided by the Town through a fee collection on the water bills of $38.00 per month. Residential pick-up in the Town is done by GFL. Residential pick-up (household garbage, organics and recycling) is on Mondays. Garbage and Recycling are picked up weekly, Organics pickup is based on a schedule put out by GFL. Each household has been provided with one garbage bin and one organics bin. These bins must be placed on the street Monday mornings before 7:00 a.m. for pick-up. The use of incinerators or burning barrels is prohibited.

The R.M. of Wilton Landfill dump is available to Residents of the Town of Lashburn, certain costs may apply.


It is your responsibility to ensure any contractors you hire have a current Town Business License; these can be purchased at the Town Office.


No owner shall own more than two dogs.  No dog shall be allowed to run at large.

Dog License Fees and Penalties are as follows:

Annual License Fees:

Each dog                                                  Free

First Offence – Licensed                            Free

First Offence – Not Licensed                      $150.00

Second Offence                                         $250.00

Third or subsequent Offence                       $400.00

Dog’s that have been picked up are kept in the Town’s Pound for 72 hours after which time they are taken to the Lloydminster SPCA.  Some exceptions apply.  Notice is posted on the Town Office door.


No owner shall own more than three cats.  No cat shall be allowed to run at large.

Cat License Fees and Penalties are as follows:

Annual License Fees:

Each Cat                                                  Free

First Offence – Licensed                            Free

First Offence – Not Licensed                      $150.00

Second Offence                                         $250.00

Third or subsequent Offence                       $400.00

Cats that have been picked up are kept in the Town’s Pound for 72 hours after which time they are taken to the Lloydminster SPCA.  Some exceptions apply.  Notice is posted on the Town Office door.


Tax notices are normally mailed in June.  Discounts of current taxes are as follows 4% if paid before June 30, 3% if paid before July 31, 2% if paid before August 31, and 1% if paid before September 30. Discounts do not apply to the school portion of the tax levy. Unpaid taxes as of December 31st are subject to a 10% penalty.


It is the occupant’s responsibility (or owner if no occupant) for every house abutting on a street where there are sidewalks, to remove the snow off that sidewalk within 24 hours after every snowfall.  Snow that falls on your property is not to be pushed onto Town property.


The Town of Lashburn does not allow “junk vehicles” to collect on private property or to be parked on public property.


The Town of Lashburn will bill out any costs associated with fire suppression services within the Town of Lashburn over the maximums stated below from Bylaw No. 5-2018:

The cost of fire prevention, suppression and emergency response services shall be charged directly on the persons who receive the service.

Council has set the schedule of fees to be the following:

Response Fee                                            as per Saskatchewan Government Insurance Rate

Rescue Unit                                                350.00/hour

Fire Engine                                                  350.00/hour

Body Job Tanker                                       200.00/hour

Semi Unit Tanker                                      200.00/hour

Ladder                                                         350.00/hour

Quick Response/Skid Unit                    150.00/hour

Command Unit/Post                               100.00/hour

Fire Fighters                                               25.00/hour

Foam A&B                                                   Actual Costs Incurred

Additional Contractors                           Actual Costs Incurred


Property owners/tenants must get their own insurance for fire suppression services to maximums stated above.  Please contact your insurance agent.


a)      To be located in back yards only, a minimum of 3 meters (10 feet) clearance from building, property lines, or other combustible material.

b)      The burning area not to exceed 1 meter (3 feet) in width, height or diameter when measured between the widest points.

c)      The fire pit/fireplace shall have enclosed sides made from bricks, concrete blocks, heavy gauge metal or other non-combustible material acceptable to the Fire Chief.

d)      A spark arrester mesh screen with openings no larger than 1.25 cm (1/2 inch) and constructed of expanded metal must be used to cover the fire pit opening in a manner sufficient to contain and reduce the hazards of airborne sparks.


a)      At least one (1) responsible adult shall be in attendance at all times.

b)      The fire pit/fireplace shall be located in an area free of dry grass, brush or combustible soil.

c)      Only the following material shall be permitted for burning in a fire pit/fireplace – clean wood products with no preservatives, prefabricated burning logs, manufactured gases or solid fuel designed for home barbecue use.


The Town of Lashburn has enacted a bylaw respecting fire restrictions to provide for public safety in times of fire hazard conditions.

Below are some main points in the new bylaw:

  • Civic addresses shall be prominently displayed on every building so as to be clearly visible from the street.
  • When it is deemed to be in the best interest of the Town of Lashburn, a Fire Ban can be issued by the Town.
  • No person shall light, start, allow or cause to be lighted or ignited a fire of any kind whatsoever during a fire ban.  This includes the prohibition of the use of fireworks as well.
  • A representative of the Town may order any fire be extinguished forthwith during the period of a fire ban. No person shall fail to immediately comply with an order to extinguish a fire. Any costs incurred if the owner/occupant does not comply and the Town has to have the fire extinguished, will be the responsibility of the owner/occupant of the property involved.

The penalties for non-compliance of the bylaw are:

  • First offence – to a fine not less than $500.00 and not more than $10,000.00
  • Second offence – to a fine not less than $750.00 and not more than $10,000.00
  • Third or subsequent offence – fine of not less than $1,000.00 and not more than $10,000.00


Speed Limit 40 km/hr (60 km/hr on Service Roads)

Weight Restrictions 12,000 kg on any road except 6th Street West and the service roads which are designated as “Heavy Vehicle Route”.  Loads up to 35,000 kg are allowed on the “Heavy Vehicle Route” unless there is a road ban on (Both service roads and 6th Street W).

Vehicles intended for the carrying of oil, gasoline, or other flammable, combustible or explosive materials are strictly prohibited in residential areas.  Vehicles with more than two axles are not allowed (except for school buses and recreational vehicles) on roads not designated as “Heavy Vehicle Route”.

 Snowmobiles may be operated between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. except on Highway 16, Main Street and 2nd Street East (except for crossing) for the purpose of travelling from place of residence to the town limits by the most direct route.

Golf Carts may be operated between sunrise and one half hour after sunset on all roads except Main Street, Highway 16 and 2nd Street East (except to cross).  Carts must carry a slow moving warning device and the operator must have a valid driver’s license. Persons operating a Golf Cart on the public streets within the limits of the Town of Lashburn must be using the Golf Cart for the sole purpose of transportation to and from the Golf Course by the direct shortest distance between the Golf Course and where the Golf Cart is being stored.

ATV’s are not allowed to be driven within the limits of the Town of Lashburn. ATV’s include mini bikes and restricted use motorcycles. If found guilty of an offense the 1st offence $200.00, 2nd offense $500.00, and 3rd offense $1,000.00 plus subject to impound and storage fees. If any property damage is done the ATV owner is subject to reparation and reconstruction cost.


No person shall discharge any firearm, air gun, BB gun, .22 rifle or other explosive of any kind within the Town limits.


Any lot proposed for development shall be graded and leveled between a minimum of 45 cm to a maximum of 75 cm above the center line of the street.


In the residential areas, fences shall not exceed 2 meters in any backyard and 1 meter in any front yard.  This includes hedges and shrubs.


In order to carry out any development or change to use on your property you must apply for a development permit from the Town of Lashburn.  Please note that Home Occupations and Offices-In-The-Home also require development approvals.  Uses which are “discretionary” in the Zoning Bylaw can only be approved by Town Council.

The Town of Lashburn issues all building permits needed for building occupancy, moving and demolition.  Building permits are required for the construction of new buildings or demolition, repairs, alterations or additions to existing buildings.  Fences also require a building permit.  Building permits are not required for painting and decorating maintenance.  Sheds under 100 sq. feet do not require a building permit.  Allow one month lead time for approvals.  There are specific standards with respect to setbacks from property lines, building size etc. that you will need to adhere to.  The Town of Lashburn retains a building inspector who carries out regular inspection work under all building permits issued, to ensure that the work meets the standard of the Building Codes.  It is strongly recommended that you consult our inspector with regards to you building plans. Call the Town Office for the Building Inspector’s contact information.


Mobile homes within the Town of Lashburn are a discretionary use and must be approved for placement by Council.  All mobile homes built more than 12 years prior to the current year must be inspected by the Town’s building inspector, prior to Council considering the moving permit.  A deposit of $2000.00 is required for all mobile homes that are not brand new.  This deposit will be refunded when all deficiencies and upgrades are completed on the mobile home as directed by the Town of Lashburn and the building inspector’s Inspection Report.  Contact the Town office for specific information on mobile home requirements.  Allow one month lead time for approvals.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about these bylaws, please feel free to call the Town Office for more details.